Our range of service includes Design, Installation and Repair of:

Advanced CCTV and IP cameras Systems

Time Attendance Systems

Omega Technologies offers state-of-the-art security systems services to a vast range of industries, including:


Every day large number of people and goods pass through an airport. Therefore securing an airport raises some unique challenges. From identifying threats to the airport itself, to keeping a record of the people who pass through it, surveillance technology plays a crucial role.

Omega Technologies labs offer a range of solutions and tools specially designed to meet the requirements of airports and other public transport junctions.


While maintaining security in retail establishments one needs to ensure that the customers and shoppers don’t feel that their privacy is being intruded upon. However shoplifters and other security threats need to be clearly told that the area is under surveillance and no liberties against it will be allowed. We at Omega offer a range of surveillance solutions which provide our customers a judicious mix of discretion and security specially designed for the retail industry.


From corporate espionage to sabotage, from destruction of property to keeping a check on productivity – most workplaces today need a range of electronic security solutions. Keeping this in mind, Omega Technologies labs have designed corporations surveillance solutions specially designed for the office space.

Banks & Financial Institutions

Banks are usually a symbol of security and assurance for everyone. They can therefore make no compromise in securing themselves. In the recent years banks have needed to resort to more and more high end and fail-safe security measures, especially in the area of electronic surveillance. To help keep banks and other such financial institutions secure Omega Technologies labs have developed special tools and technologies which help them ensure complete safety and security within their premises.

Public Spaces

Places where a large number of people converge are always security flashpoints. Especially with the rising threat of terrorism. Omega Technologies labs have developed surveillance technology that not only helps security professionals handle the huge volume of people but also identify individual faces among them.

City of Surveillance

The urban landscape is rife with security threats. And every city has its vulnerable groups. It becomes the responsibility of every urban planner to also plan for the security of the city. Ensuring an environment where everyone can live together in peace. The Omega Technologies labs partners city planners and authorities from across the world to help ensure a safe and secure space for work, recreation and life.

Transport – Mobile DVR as a solution

Transport systems provide new challenges to the surveillance technology industry. New technologies are needed to track and monitor targets that are in motion, some even miles away from the control room. Omega Technologies labs has been creating and developing solutions that are robust and can meet the challenges of this particular sector.

School College Surveillance Cameras

A high resolution camera system at your school \ college is a good start to deter crime and violent acts on campus. If a person knows that they are going to be monitored the second they set foot on campus, they'll think twice about starting a fight behind the dumpsters or threatening a student in the cafeteria. A surveillance system also helps to monitor the entire school from one place and allows staff to quickly respond to issues that are important to them and the parents. These CCTV Surveillance Cameras are ideal for stopping misbehaving acts from students since, more often than not; students tend to misbehave when they see no staff or faculty.

It may prevent, or catch, theft. The same with any other places, schools and colleges can be a good place for stealing and through the aid of CCTV Cameras Tools, this can be prevented. It may also help in putting stop to smoking, or worse, using drugs, while in campus premises. The presence of CCTV Security Cameras Systems also prevents not authorized individuals from entering the campus. It is also a good way to make everybody --- students, faculties and staff feel secured when they are within the premises. Lastly, Setting up CCTV Cameras in classrooms would encourage teachers to do good practice.

Industrial security

Industrial security has evolved to become a very cost effective investment. Industrial facilities are typically large areas with sometimes hazardous environments and complex processes. In the event of a burglary or fire the business not only has to handle the direct damage and loss but also the delay in production and consequently lost profits.

In order to mitigate issues such as these, which might mean the failure of a business, Digital Security offers a complete range of industrial security products.

We work hand in hand with our clients to deliver a solution according to their specification and requirements. We also offer a friendly training to our clients after installation. Omega Technologies aims to establish lasting reliable and valued relationship with its clients.