Mobile Jammer

Location you can Install:-

Hospitals,Theaters,Recording Studios,Bank,Contact tendering room,Church,Conferance room,Classroom,Security services,Miletry units,Secrete services,News room,Library, Musium,prisons,Cinema halls,Auditoriums ETC..

Jamming distance ( coverage ):-

JAM 40-50: For GSM cellular systems with CDMA module, up to 40-50 meters radius coverage.

• Remarks: The above jamming distances are for reference only; actual jamming distance will be varied depending on the type and location of cellular system.


Available country & Area
Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc.
Frequency band CDMA 800, GSM 900/1800/1900
Effective Range Up to 40-50 meters radius, depending on the strength and type of cellular system
Power 12w
Power Source AC 220V 50Hz or DC 5V switching power adaptor
Antenna External
Size L 210 x W 50 x T 170 mm
Packing Remote, Adaptor, 4 Antenna

Available cellular system:-

Jamming Frequencies
Avg. Output Power
Output Frequencies
CDMA 800 (870-880 MHz) 35dbm (3w) 5dbm/100 KHz(min)
GSM 900 (930-960 MHz) 35dbm (3w) 5dbm/100 KHz(min)
DCS 1800 (1805-1850 MHz) 33dbm (3W) 2dbm/100 KHz(min)
PHS 1900 (1900-1980 MHz) 33dbm (2W) 2dbm/100 KHz(min)
3G (21110-2170 MHz) 33dbm (3W) 2dbm/30 KHz(min)